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Why a plan is important

Are you confused about what to eat, when to eat, or whether you should have white rice or brown rice?

Nutrition can be confusing with so many opinions and fads out there telling you contradicting information, making getting lean or eating to build muscle hard.

There are a number of factors which determine whether a program will be successful or a waste of time. With everyone being time poor, making sure you get the most out of your time in the gym is important! You don’t want to throw hours away in the gym to see little or no results. 

The Muscle Nerds Way

Utilising scientific literature, we’ll design a nutritional plan suited to your goals and current condition, fuelling your workouts to fast track results.

When writing a training program we plan ahead, understanding where you’ll be in months and years to come, ensuring every program provided builds into the next – eliminating plateaus and seeing results from week to week.

Through our number one service, we combine your nutrition and training needs into one coherent program. Your nutrition will be designed to support your training, making the most of the effort you put in.

Supplementation Protocols

lifestyle & stress management

Detailed weekly check-ins


Consistant Access to Personal Coach

Let’s get Started

When you work with Muscle Nerds you will have a designated coach to guide and overlook your progress.  Your coach will ensure you have success with your goals and are kept accountable throughout the entire process.  Not only will you have your designated coach leading and supporting you along the way, but you will also have the whole Muscle Nerd’s team behind you.  Our entire teams’ guidance, expertise, and experience are written into each and every program – guaranteeing you the best solutions for your goals and unprecedented care and support.