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Muscle Nerds is a Brisbane-based globally recognised health, wellness and fitness centre, designed to holistically improve your physical condition through diet, exercise and lifestyle.

We work with individuals one-on-one and with trainers around the world and offer:

Intensive Online Program Design Course

Our 10-week Intensive Program Design Course covers all of the things you need to take into consideration when programming. How to address considerations, how to program progressively and effectively, and how to do this for normal, every-day, general population people. i.e. the bulk of your clients!  This program also covers advanced program design, but it will start right at the very crutch – Leastmode™ to Beastmode and everything in between.

Nutrition Foundations Workshop

The Muscle Nerds Nutrition Foundations Workshop is a 3-day in-person seminar with a short online pre-course component that provides an introduction to the following topics:

PhysIology of stress

Impacts on clients and results

Digestion & Assimilation

From plate to cell


How ATP is made

Metabolic Syndrome

Risk Factors

Thyroid & Insulin Physiology


This workshop is a collection of the foundational, base knowledge that every trainer must know to be ahead of the rest.

The course gives you tools to first assess the individual needs of your clients and then be able to fulfil those needs. Every client you have is a complex being, and they are individualised in their complexity.

We provide you with the knowledge to be able to look at and understand things at a deeper layer. The difference this extra layer of knowledge provides is invaluable to your client, their experience with you, their results, and their health.

Coaches & Educators

Meet the Team

At Muscle Nerds we pride ourselves for having not only amazing educators and coaches but also the most motivated and passionate ones.


Periodising your Footwear

Periodising your Footwear

Sets, reps, exercises, tempo, rest…all variables we discuss when talking about periodizing training. We can also have long chats about rotating various pieces of equipment, and exercises as well. Angles, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, specialty bars, the selections...

The Identity Excercise

The Identity Excercise

Happy New Year everyone! If you’re like me, your discipline wavered for a bit at the end of 2021. Hey, it’s the holidays, we’ve had a rough two years and we deserve to let loose a bit!   Maybe you also took it a bit too far; I know I certainly did, and it’s time to...

Mindset and Physique transformations

Mindset and Physique transformations

So you want to finally knuckle down and get a gnarly set of abs? Hey, it’s 2022 and this is YOUR year to finally do it! Or maybe you’ve fallen off track the past two years and want to get back into epic shape, and you want to do it quickly. There’s nothing wrong with...

Are you a coach looking to write highly specific and individualised programs for your clients?  If so, getting as much relevant information upfront is always going to be step one.  This is why we have created an intake questionnaire for you to use to with all of your new clients.  The information you obtain from this questionnaire will be invaluable to the way you approach coaching them.