Support For Trainers

Nutrition Foundations Workshop

This Course will give you tools to first assess your clients individual needs and then be able to fulfil those needs. You’ll be provided with the knowledge to be able to look at and understand things at a deeper level. This is ultimately invaluable to your client, their experience with you, their results, and their health.


This 10-week course covers all of the things you need to take into consideration when programming for your clients. 

You will gain confidence and competence in your program design ability in advanced program design, covering everything. 

Moving Your
Business Online

As trainers are being forced to move into the online realm, we recognise the need to learn more about this space. Online Training is a beast of its own so this course ensures you get clarity around what the difference is between in-person training and online training – and how you can get your business there.

Personalised Education

Through Muscle Nerds personalised education you’ll receive one-on-one online consultations, ongoing mentoring, private seminars and understanding that everyone is at a different level of their health and fitness education we tailor this service to you! Contact us for more information. 

Let’s get Started

When you work with Muscle Nerds you will have a designated coach to guide and overlook your progress.  Your coach will ensure you have success with your goals and are kept accountable throughout the entire process.  Not only will you have your designated coach leading and supporting you along the way, but you will also have the whole Muscle Nerd’s team behind you.  Our entire teams’ guidance, expertise, and experience are written into each and every program – guaranteeing you the best solutions for your goals and unprecedented care and support.