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Customised training done right is more difficult than face to face. Some thing you must consider are:

High value and service is a must!

✓ Strong and clear communication is vital!

✓ Minor status and details become major!

✓ Trust and rapport take longer to build!

With the growing need for trainers to move into the online realm, we have put together this short course to help you understand the on-boarding process, communication, considerations, structure, and flow of training people online.

This course was originally a module of our Program Design course, but given the current situation we decided to release it as a stand alone course to help demand.

Muscle Nerds has over 13 years of online training experience, with Luke being one of the first few online trainers over a decade ago, and serving hundreds of online clients in that time, in a high quality fully customised manner.

The Online Course Covers:

Online vs
In-Person Training

Determining Progress

Onboarding Process


Keeping Good

Things You May Not Have Considered


Structuring Your Week

How To Deliver
Your Program

Templates To Get You Started

All this and more for only…